Eagle Rock Construction and Remodel

The "before" pic. Notice the discoloration and wear on the cabinetry, 
					 the clean, but very "blah" laminate countertops, and the gem of the whole setup: the vintage 70s yellow oven. Don't make 'em like they used to! While I had the old countertops off, I fortified all the existing base 
					 cabinetry to hold up to the new weight of the granite, and gave the cabinetry a 
					 makeover by resurfacing all the faces and doors and re-staining the lot, then 
					 added new brass hardware to really make it "pop". And here's the interim. I've been meaning to get sponsored by Dewalt, so hopefully 
					 they don't sue me in the meantime for having my drill in the shot. The induction oven and cast-iron sink are the crown features 
					 of the new appliances. The homeowner and I were concerned that the 
					 45 degree corner would look too busy, but we were both satisfied with the end result. Granite Countertops - Another View